Gratitude from one parent to another

Today, as I order the 3rd print of Sounds of the Country, I want to thank the thousands of people who’ve used Eardrops with their children over the ten years of this incredible journey.

An open letter to the parents in the Eardrops family …

I love it that you want the best for your children and I see and respect your huge efforts as you work in unchartered territory to help them in any way you can. You give so much – physically, emotionally, spiritually. I see this. I see it in the dark circles under your eyes, in the way you search for information to solve a problem, I see it in the healthy food you make, but mostly I hear it in the laughter of your happy, cared for children.

We share the same values. Ideas like ‘children have a right to be loved unconditionally’ ‘children deserve a constant caregiver’ ‘children deserve to be safe and prioritized’ ‘children deserve the opportunity to learn at their level’.

Is your ambition as a parent to raise a strong person, secure in their uniqueness and brave enough to share their gifts with the world? Are you willing to learn how to do that alongside your child? I know you are. When you bought that story I wrote did you know you made a statement that you believe in the power of education to shape a person’s future? You made an investment in your child’s learning. Thank you. You now own a resource you can trust and use at all those tiny hard moments that happen each day.

I have committed to keep learning about child development so I can create more stories to help you every day in your home. I have committed to bravery with my ideas that to others seem odd at first but later make good sense.

You are not alone in this journey. Even today, in this fragmented world, there is still a village you can call on. I am part of the village. I love your child too. Together we as a group can face obstacles that show up. You don’t have to deal with any hard times by yourself.

I know you want to give your children many experiences in their early childhood and that the rich foundation you are building for them will be with them every day of their lives. Eardrops is a tool you can use that will gift the real world to your child. They will hear sounds and language and develop listening skills which will be so useful when they are learning to read.

When your child was a newborn it all seemed so exciting and daunting and suprising. You have already come so far and this has taken a deep willingness to learn and strength to tough it out through very exhausting and challenging times. I get it. I’ve been there too. I struggled and doubted and cried from exhaustion. I had to learn who I was all over again.

I believe in you as a Mum or Dad. I belive you are the best person to mother or father your child. I will continue to make things you can rely on to help you and help your child.

You will raise a wonderful person who lives with purpose and brings you more joy than you can imagine.

Love Liz

liz and zoe.jpg

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