about me

My name is Liz Donnelly and I’m a writer and producer with a background in broadcasting, TV production and parenting writing. I have an MA in Film, Television & Media Studies and a BA in English Literature. After a decade in the TV industry at TVNZ and several independent production companies I set up The Eardrops Company to write and produce educational children’s stories here in New Zealand.

I create audio stories for preschoolers about ‘Eardrop’, who is a curious little rabbit who likes to listen to sounds. eardrop 2 I first produced ‘Sounds of the Country’ and ‘Sounds of the City’. Then came ‘Sounds of the Home’. Check them out here. I can sometimes be seen wandering the neighbourhood with a camera and microphone, telling strangers to shush while I record a sound (last week it was buffaloes). More recently, I have been heard ‘gently cursing’ at midnight as I attempt to edit videos whilst self training on the software (see the videos here).

I was fortunate to receive an AMP Scholarship in 2016 which I used to produce the eardrops stories in Te Reo Māori, and a bilingual set of stories too (English + Te Reo Māori). These launched in September 2017. See eardrops.co.nz for all the info.

My freelance writing has appeared in Littlies Parenting Magazine, where I was contributing writer on a variety of parenting topics, also About Kids, Her Business, Idealog, and local newspapers.

I am in constant contact with parents, speaking and advising about kids media and recently also parenting topics (listening as a craft, gentle parenting, and my experiences as a parent). I hang out with kids and play them sounds – great fun.

I love stories. I listen to people. I am interested in the tiny details. I love to analyse. I like to file information. Maybe I was a librarian once? I read books. I declutter.

Now living in Auckland, I have lived in London and travelled to many places. I have 3 children and a UK born partner. My beloved has come to terms with the fact his children have Kiwi accents and they’ve all learnt to sleep through the tapping of the keyboard late and night and/or early in the morning.

I love the media. I loathe the media. I scribble holes in it and call it art.

Liz Donnelly