fun (?) with Facebook

…where I discover I am the target audience for my own advertisement…

As some of you may know, I have a little home based business ‘Eardrops’ where I make and sell cool sounds stories for preschoolers. Every now and then (like once a year) when something really exciting happens like Emilywrites review of my CDs (woohoo!) I spend $30 on Facebook running a little ad campaign. 

This weekend was one of those times. I created a little ad (had to redo it several times, because Facebook has very strict rules about 20% text in your ad, and my CD covers have more than that, so my ads kept getting ‘not approved’) and then I organised to run it for 3 days, which would cost me $10 per day. Finally I had an ad approved. Hooray! Up and running.

Some time later I logged onto my own Facebook account. Let me clarify here that my personal Facebook account manages my ‘Eardrops’ Facebook account – the 2 are linked.

So, I was rather surprised and a little taken aback to see my own ad appear to the right of my own news feed as a ‘sponsored’ ad –  and within my own news feed as a ‘sponsored’ ad. Not sure this should happen as I am the owner of the page and, for argument’s sake, probably not a new customer.

eardrops ad                               feed

Every minute or so the ads alongside my news feed updated. And I kept seeing my own ad lined up against my posts talking about my own ad. So I started taking screenshots.

first post: 2 little bunnies

second post: here it is buried within my news feed ‘sponsored’ allegedly…


third: and now I’m in an endless loop, seeing it on my post, my news feed and my ads sidebar. Fascinating!

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 8.52.47 pm

fourth: wheeeee!

5 little bunnies: round and round we go!

6th: (suitable music)

and finally, 7 & 8 together: maybe one more. The ad just keeps appearing. Maybe its being live monitored and the Facebook team is having a laugh

So far, I have not received any replies from attempts to remedy this infinite loop with Facebook HQ 😉

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