Review: ‘Mama Said’ Eardrops rules!


Emily, writer of  ‘Mama Said’ has blogged about Eardrops. Her son Eddie loves them. I love her blog, it is just the best. I urge you to go and enjoy it now!

And Eddie freakin loved them. And so did I! And here are three reasons why:
1) He sat there for 28 minutes listening to one of them! 28 freakin minutes! I could honestly marry Liz for giving me 28 minutes to do housework (I didn’t do housework – I went on Facebook). Eddie, like most almost three-year-old’s, doesn’t have much of an attention span but he was really into the CD. He closed his eyes to imagine the sounds and yelled out the noises that he recognised. “DAT A DIGGER DEAR MAMA! A DIGGER RIGHT DERE!”

read the full blog post here … she really brings the experience of Eardrops to life … oh, and subscribe to Emily’s blog too. She is a FANTASTIC writer.

🙂 Liz

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